CSU Online MBA vs Georgia WebMBA Reputation

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skamin posted this 14 September 2012 - Last edited 14 March 2016

I have been accepted to Colorado State's online MBA program. It is the only one I have applied to. I have researched for 3 years and I always kept coming back to this one. One major qualification for me is GMAT waiver.

My question is, I have also looked at Ohio University, University of Houston-Victoria, and the Georgia WEB MBA. Are there any opinions on which would be better? All are AACSB but to me Colorado State seems more recognizeable.

Is it worth applying to a couple of the other ones and then make a decision or just go with CSU since i am already accepted and the program course seem to fit what i want. Ohio is also a cohort which i want some flexibility with my program.

Any opinions on CSU program vs the others listed. Thanks for all the input.

vicky posted this 01 October 2012 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Skamin,

Thanks for posting!

The Colorado Distance MBA is very well-respected and as one of the first residential b-schools to offer an online MA the program has done research that backs up tha the online version of its MBA is a s good or better than their traditional classroom MBA. See online MBA vs. traditional MBA.

One notable thing about the Georgia WEB MBA Online is the sheer number of positive reviews real verified online students have left for that program. We have 46 students giving that program a A for satisfaction and those reviews are insightful.

I assume you have found our list of AACSB online MBA NO GMAT? That list may give you other ideas and options.

All the online b-schools you mention are from public universities that are low in cost and high in brand value.

Two things I'd ask:

1) what major/career area are you looking to work in with the MBA -- not all these schools have the same MBA majors or concentrations.

2) what area of the country do you work in or will you work in? Most employers prefer local brands and so if you live in the South a Texas or Georgia MBA would plug you into a better alum hiring network.

Vicky Phillips
GetEducated.com Founder