Is an Online MBA Taken Seriously?

  • Last Post 06 August 2012
smithtim posted this 05 August 2012 - Last edited 14 March 2016

Hi, I am having trouble deciding between IE Business School blended program and Manchester program. My only question is, will hr or recruiters care if my transcript says blended on from IE. Have you been hearing about push-back from them? Manchester does not differentiate between distance learned and on campus. I think Manchester is a great school but IE just kills them in so many rankings for MBA and Finance. Is going to IE and getting a global MBA worth it if employers think it is an online degree?

VickyPhillips posted this 06 August 2012 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Smith,

There is no difference in admissions and standards and accreditation whether you take courses from these schools online or on campus. If the transcripts say "blended" that is merely a program designation or code and should make no difference. You don't put blended on your resume or your diploma. HR recruiters care WHERE you earn your degree; they do not ask or care HOW -- whether that is at a local site or at extension site or by using online or blended study.

I have never heard of one case of this making a difference in hiring.

It's WHERE you earned your degree -- not how, according to all the studies we have done and seen.

Here is our video guide:

Then, read our FAQS on how employers view online colleges to find out more on the issue of public perception.

Our work is specific to the USA BUT should hold well for the UK.