Online MBA With Low GPA

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I have a mediocre (2.2) GPA from my BA in economics. Any ideas of any decent MBA online program that doesn't require a 3.0 GPA for their program. I would prefer brick and mortar non profit schools. For profit schools such as University of Phoenix and Keller have a negative stigma that I would rather avoid.

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Hi AdamantiumPI,

Get Educated actually has quite a good list of online MBA degree programs that fit your criteria.

Start by Searching our database of accredited online MBA degree programs.

If not, the first online business school that pops up on your personal list of possibilities is University of Colorado Colorado Springs Distance MBA.

CSU is a great brick and mortar, non-profit, public university b-school. They offer the same MBA at a distance as on campus with the same courses and faculty and admissions requirements. It is also one of the oldest regionally accredited and AACSB accredited distance MBAs options. This online learning degree program has been well researched and tested in terms of it being a successful learning model.

The CSU distance MBA does NOT require any set GPA.

The profile page tells us this. While a 2.5 is the preferred minimum for grad school many online degree programs use other factors or weight other things as more important than GPA alone in their admission policies. It is common in fact to weight years of professional experience and scores on exans such as the GMAT and GRE as more important for older students than undergraduate GPA.

While not REQUIRING a set GPA the CSU MBA does require the GMAT UNLESS you have a higher GPA.

These details are spelled out on each degree profile so just click on any degree that interests you to see these admission details.

Below are a few other name brand, non-profit, brick and mortar online business schools in the Get Educated online MBA guide:

Mississippi State Online MBA is also AACSB, brick and mortar, non profit, and on Get Educated's Best Buy list of low-cost affordable online MBA degree programs.

You can also start your search with our tables of low cost, affordable online B-schools.

You did not mention if type of accreditation was important to you -- do you want or need Online MBA AACSB accreditation, for example?

SEE our free Online MBA Guide for more issues and details to consider in choosing your program.

Good Luck

Vicky Phillips
Get Educated Founder