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shawngoodin posted this 23 May 2012 - Last edited 14 March 2016

I've been digging into all the sites I can find with rankings including this one and at best I feel like the online MBA rankings are not something anyone can real trust. Perception ratings are so subjective and I think many of the forum posts would say it really depends on where the student is trying to get employment. Let me see then if I can state my thoughts and get to an actual question. I've been in the IT field for over 12 years now. Started as a developer at an Internet startup while I was getting a Masters in Information Technology which I completed in 2000. About 7 years ago moved to the Midwest where I know work for a major CPC company supporting the digital marketing technical platform. I am interested in moving from the IT side more into the Marketing strategy side. So I am looking for an online MBA that the AACSB accredidatation, has a marketing option, is 24 months or less, has a good brand name. I'm not planning to take the GMAT so looking to see if I can either get it waived or find a program that doesn't require it. I narrowed my search down to: - Scranton - decided no because their program was too old school and not much of a marketing focus - Northeastern - Drexler I'm struggling with a couple of things. NE outsources their online program but it sounds like Drexel uses the same on campus faculty. I think this makes Drexel have a better program. NE is structured where you take 1 class at a time which I think will work better for me. I'm not really sure if 1 program has a better curriculum especially for marketing, but it seems as though there are more marketing options at Dexler, would you agree? Thoughts?

VickyPhillips posted this 04 June 2012 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the insights and questions about an online mba in marketing. Yes, any rankings have to be taken with a grain of salt and also with an understanding of what dimension of a program is being ranked -- here at get educated our system allows for objective raking by cost for the entire degree and then for rankings based on verified students who share their opinions and the general public who can chime in creating a crowd sourced public opinion.

Most colleges only have local or regional brand clout -- so looking at colleges that operate close to where you will be seeking employment is wise for most people. After that most business schools are known for one area or another -- some for technology while others specialize in say healthcare -- so you're smart to factor in that aspect of any business schools reputation.

You are seeking these factors in an online mba: AACSB, has a marketing option, is 24 months or less, has a good brand name with no gre or gmat option

You mentioned Northeastern and Drexel. Both are in the northeast and both are expensive at about two times the average cost.

I'd suggest perhaps you also look at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

Colorado will waive the GRE/GMAT for those who already hold an advanced degree, and you say you have a masters in IT.

See our list of 14 online mbas AACSB with no gre gmat required and you may find other options that may waive the gre gmat since you already hold a masters degree. This may help widen your choices.

All the Best

Vicky Phillips
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MissShona posted this 06 June 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

So you've narrowed your choices down to Drexel & Northeastern strictly (or are you open to other suggestions)? It looks like Drexel may require the GMAT for admission; but Northeastern does not specify (they seem more willing to take professional work experience into consideration; although they do ask for it as part of the application packet.

However, in my own humble opinion, the GMAT requirement should not deter you from the school of your choice. In spite of all the hype and GMAT prep courses and materials, if your school lies between 560 - 660, you have a chance to get into about 75% of MBA programs out there ( has Northeastern's GMAT range as 580-670; and Drexel's as 580-680). My biggest pet peeve with the GMAT is the cost; not the scoring. So I would just brush up on basics - and plan to take it once (& do decently).

Being an online MBA student myself (with a concentration in Marketing ironically), my biggest piece of advice is to see if you can talk to an MBA advisor about course availability. I noticed that you said you wanted a "24-month or less" program. In all honesty, programs with a set time frame tend to be those which are cohort based and offer few electives. For example in my program, certain courses are only offered once every 3 semesters (counting the summer) so if you miss a course, then you have to wait an entire calendar year to pick it up again. If you aren't able to speak to an MBA advisor, see if you can review the college's course schedule for the current, previous, and even upcoming semesters. If you see a big variety of MBA courses being offered in any given semester, that would be reassuring to you that you can complete your degree in a timely manner.

Northeastern: 50 credits 5 courses in your concentration (Marketing)

Drexel: 51 credits (assuming you need foundation courses) 3 courses in your concentration (Marketing)

VickyPhillips posted this 06 June 2012 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Miss Shona,

Nice to hear from you again! Hope your summer is off to a great start.

Good points -- even better coming from someone "inside the online MBA process." One thing I looked at was the possibility that the online MBA programs at Drexel and Northeastern might havedifferent admission requirements. NE has several MBA options. I think their online MBA has this stipulation SPECIFIC to the online option:

"Exceptional managers without bachelor’s degree may petition for admission; Additional Admission Requirements: Currently employed with 5 years of demonstrated professional experience in participation and leadership teams, financial and/or budgetary responsibility, and management of staff in a direct reporting relationship; If minimum work requirements are not met, the admission committee many consider supplemental documentation, including GMAT test sources and/or professional designation or certification."

See: Northeastern Online MBA

Often web sites and college catalogs don't spell out the differences between web based degrees and the legacy residential versions of the same degree. Most published stats in magazines or sites like the college board or usnews are only for the residential degrees or for the entire business school (not just the MBA or any one type of degree) making it even harder to decipher if there is any relevancy or congruency between programs.

Our data on Drexel (which is specific to or inclusive of the online MBA option) gives scores of GRE (Min score: 1170) GMAT (Min score: 570)

See: Drexel Online MBA

You are right that at this range of stats for the exam the odds are still on one's side favor for test based admission.

You are right -- these exams are pricey.

Funny, but the #1 question online students have about the MBA is where can they get one without taking any exams. It seems to be a combo of hating tests and just not wanting to deal with the hassle and time and expense of test prep and taking.

Great advice on that timing issue. Thanks for input and ideas!

All the Best