FIU Online MBA Reviews

  • Last Post 09 June 2012
mjnoles1 posted this 19 March 2012 - Last edited 14 March 2016

FIU, Florida International University, is a AACSB accredited university and a brick and mortar university with 45,000 students and their is no GMAT required and can be taken completely online, the program takes 18 months it says on their site and after their $10,000 scholarship it is $27,000 for the entire program.

Has anyone taken the FIU online MBA program? What are your thoughts? Does FIU have any prestige or presence outside of the Miami area when it comes to their MBA program?

I am 29 years old and currently working as an insurance broker and would like to know if this is a good program for someone looking to change careers? Also, I will not be living in Miami that's why I want to know how far does this university name go.

Any input will be extremely helpful.

MissShona posted this 09 June 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

I know of graduates from FIU's undergraduate business program, but not the MBA program. FIU's reputation is not widespread outside of FL; however it is growing in prominence - especially in the area of international business. That program attracts professionals from all across the country and world in fact.

It is interesting to see that FIU's MBA programs seem to range between $28K - $38K in tuition for in-state or out-of-state students; online or on-campus. This is about twice as expensive as what other public universities in FL charge for graduate tuition (good if you are an out-of-state student; not so good if you are a FL resident).

And finally I'll say that the online MBA program at FIU is pretty new. I say that because when I was applying to MBA programs back in 2009, this program wasn't available (I checked out every online MBA option at each public university in FL back then). This could be a good thing; or a bad's hard to tell. Unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of alum from the online MBA program at FIU to give a firsthand impression.

So in a nutshell I would consider it a good program; although a bit overpriced when compared with its peers.