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bryttb posted this 17 February 2012 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hello, I live in Georgia and I will be graduating for Georgia Southwestern State University's online BBA Accounting program. I currently work in the Accounting department and I have worked in finance as an billing analyst 6 years prior to now. I want to know if there is a chance I can get a gmat waiver. My gpa isnt the highest, 2.5 maybe lower. My employer offers 5250 a year in tuiton reimbursement so I would love to be in that ball park. However, I dont want to be shunned on when trying to get ahead in my career. I have anxiety and is a horrible test taker so I think avoiding the GMAT is a good idea maybe. My biggest concern is how much does it REALLY matter about AACSB or Regional accreditation? Ive previously worked at IBM,Bank of America, McKesson environment. Which are nice companies so I wanted to know in the business world would it be work the 30k at University of Scranton or the 8K from Amberton University.

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Hello Bryttb,

Your question about the mba online is a very-very common one. We do have two lists that may help you if you have not seen them yet:


Online MBA No GRE GMAT regionally accredited

You mentioned Amberton and the University of Scranton .. Have you looked at the University System of Georgia MBA? I ask bcs. this is a consortium of 6 state schools in your backyard that offers a great affordable AACSB program and SOME of the participating schools will consider a GRE GMAT waiver as follows:

University System of Georgia WebMBA

"GMAT minimums or GMAT wavier. Each of the 6 schools that offer this consortium MBA will consider GMAT waivers as follows: Because each school admits its own students into the common program, GMAT requirements vary by school.Columbus State University, Georgia Southern University, Kennesaw State University, and Valdosta State University will consider a GMAT waiver for applicants with an advanced degree (e.g., Master's). Columbus State University will allow applicants with extensive experience to petition the graduate committee for an exception to the GMAT/GRE requirement.Georgia College & State University will consider professional experience as an alternative to the GMAT for some applicants. Please contact the University of West Georgia will consider a GMAT waiver for applicants with substantial management experience, as determined by its admissions committee.Both Columbus State and Valdosta will consider a waiver based on substantial business experience, which the admissions committee determines. Valdosta and Columbus State will also accept the GRE instead of the GMAT."

I'd explore the above Georgia program. One problem may be that a minimum 2.5 undergrad GPA is required for most MBA degrees and is sounds like you are close to that. The lower that GPA the harder it will be for you to get someone to waive the test(s) bcs the 2 are usually used to "balance" each other out in MBA admissions.

BUT you do have solid EXPERIENCE that may help you out. It will also matter if your undergrad GPA is HIGHER in your core business courses or your last 2 years of advanced courses. If your business and advanced courses have a higher overall GPA the admissions committees will look more favorably on your readiness to do an advanced degree.

Is an AACSB MBA worth MORE than a non AACSB MBA. Some think so ..

We have outlined this issue in an article (AACSB MBA vs. Non AACSB MBA) which might help you.

You already work in a business environment and are attending an AACSB Bachelor program. Do the people who work with you and around you think AACSB is important??? Ask around and look to see if this issue is impacting who is getting better salaries and promotions in your own backyard. This is the best test!