Hi there, I'm hoping that I can receive some feedback on a few decisions as I am deliberating on pursuing an online MBA. As some background, I am a clinical trials project manager for a northeast Biotech/Pharma company and have been in the industy for 8+ years. I am 30 years old and am looking to break into the middle-upper management arena where competition is tight for these positions. Also, I was recently laid off at my previous company (a Fortune 500) due to a merger that affected my department. This lesson taught me to never become complacent and keep my edge. I decided that a MBA may help me do just that.

I've spent hours pouring over the internet and have narrowed down some choices.

Some major factors affecting my decision:

- Cost. My company reimburses $5250 per year so I will be paying Out of Pocket for part of my degree.
- Accredidation is somewhat important to me. I feel like if I am going to do this, I might as well do it the best I can.
- Credits. I am not a business undergrad so I will probably need 10-12 credits of the more general courses taking my degree from ~36 credits to ~48 credits so I'm looking for options to accelerate that.

Here are some of my questions:

1) I'm debating between choosing a degree with specialization (Healthcare Management) vs a more general Management degree. U of Scranton has the Healthcare Management program that looks interesting and UMass has the more general degree. Both are comparable in cost and accredidation.

2) My third option is to go local (but offers an online program, only regionally accredidated) at St Thomas Aquinas College (STAC). Any feedback on any of these schools/programs?

Thanks in advance!