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Zoya posted this 28 April 2011 - Last edited 14 March 2016

Would you please, be so kind to inform me on the cheapest online / distance MBA programm for nonresident of USA. And preferably without taking any prestudy exams such TOEFL,IELTS,GMAT etc. As the information which is given at GetEducated is for 2009. I am from Kazakhstan and would like to get abroad education.My bachelor study was for teacher of English and German, Also I have degree of Master of Humanities but I would like to take MBA at general Management or Executive Management or International Business - something in this sphere. I would much appreciate your soonest response. Thank you

VickyPhillips posted this 28 April 2011 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Zoya,

Get Educated's researchers have compiled a database of hundreds of accredited distance MBA degrees (USA). This is the largest directory list of accredited distance MBAs in the USA.

Start your search by creating an instant directory, view all accredited distance MBA degrees.

To find the best distance MBA for you as an international student you will have to consider all the factors you mentioned that would make the "best distance MBA" for you personally.

STEP 1: Determine type of accreditation you need for your distance MBA degree program

Your choices are:


The GetEducated national cost rankings of distance MBA degree programs, undertaken every 2 years shows great differences when comparing online MBA cost on the basis of accreditation:

Nationally accredited online MBA average cost $11,972
Regionally accredited MBA average cost $22,924
AACSB-accredited online MBA average cost $32,926

The cheapest accredited online MBAs come from nationally accredited schools. These are accredited by national agencies such as the DETC, Distance Education & Training Council.

HOWEVER, online business schools with national accreditation also suffer from lower prestige rates in the USA.

The most prestigious distance MBAs in the USA come from online business schools that are AACSB accredited.

But so do the most expensive MBAs and the ones with the hardest admission criteria. Determine if you need or want a distance MBA with AACSB accreditation.

SEE: Do you need an AACSB Accredited Distance MBA?

STEP 2: Rank All Online MBAs by Cost - Find Cheapest

In the United States, the cheapest distance MBA degree programs also come with fewer admission restrictions or lower admissions standards.

For a quick sort see the most affordable:
Best Regionally Accredited Online MBA Programs
Best AACSB Online MBA Programs.

In terms of cost, be aware that there may a surcharge for international students. As an international student you will have to pay the higher out of state costs listed on each profile or the cost ranking tables.

STEP 3: Find MBA without GRE - GMAT

Yes, there are quite a few accredited distance MBAs that do not require the GRE or GMAT or GRE grad exams.

View these lists for your options:


Regional Accreditation Distance MBA No GRE GMAT

National Accreditation Distance MBA No GRE GMAT

Once again, nationally accredited online MBAs generally do NOT require these exams; whereas AACSB schools are more likely to require the GRE GMAT.

STEP 4: Avoiding Undergraduate Business Course Pre-Requisites

Unfortunately you did not earn a bachelors degree in business. You can still earn a distance MBA but most regionally accredited OR AACSB accredited distance MBA degree programs will require that you now pass about 8 to 10 undergraduate business courses -- such as economics and business law -- BEFORE they will formally admit you.

To avoid these undergrad business course requirements, look at nationally accredited online MBAs. They are LESS likely to place business course restrictions on you.

For the record, you may have better luck avoiding pesky formal undergraduate business course pre-requistes by considering a NON-MBA graduate online business degree, such as an Online Masters Management or a Leadership Masters


Be aware that few if any accredited online MBAs or graduate degree programs online will let you enroll without taking the TOEFL to assess your English language reading level.

All your online courses will be in English so it will be important that your reading level be assessed before enrolling.

To expore distance MBA degree programs deeper, SEE our Distance MBA Guide

Please ... any international online MBA students or program directors please chime in with details/advice on specific degree programs.

Good Luck Out There, Zoya!