University of Texas Accreditation

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jsl1983 posted this 27 May 2014 - Last edited 14 March 2016

Per the University of Texas-Tyler website, the school offers an online MBA program that is AACSB accredited. After reviewing the degree information on the school website, I am very interested in the program but before committing to anything, I decided to check for student/public reviews on Get However, I don't see any reviews or information about this school on Get Can anyone confirm that UT-Tyler has a legitimate AACSB-accredited online MBA program, and if so, what is the perception of the quality offered by this school? Due to the comprehensive information I have found on Get Educated about other schools and programs, I'm a little nervous that there is no info or reviews on UT-Tyler out here. Thanks, Jesse

Kayleigh posted this 06 June 2014 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your question!

GetEducated maintains a degree database with over 18,000 fully accredited online degree programs. We are constantly adding more but we by no means have every real, accredited degree listed—yet!

Don't be alarmed if you don't see a degree in our database. This does not necessarily mean that that degree is a diploma mill or online scam—it may simply mean we haven't had a change to add it yet.

We've now addded U Texas at Tyler.

The University of Texas - Tyler is indeed a legitimate AACSB accredited online MBA program. Nothing to worry about in terms of accreditation here.

Also, make sure to review the top signs of a diploma mill for future reference.