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dipsmd posted this 24 October 2013 - Last edited 14 March 2016

Hi.. I might have a complete different situation & probably a never asked before question. I am 34 yrs old, staying in Sudan & I got graduated from High School (10+2 years)in 1998. Unfortunately due to my family's financial circumstances I had to drop the idea of doing my Bachelors ahead & since then I started working. Today I hold a work experience of almost 15 years & no bachelors degree. Unfortunately in Sudan the bachelors programs are for 4 years + 1 year honors & then you can apply for Masters. I am genuinely desperate to study Masters & with all the long work experience I am absolutely confident I would be able to do it. But there are no easier ways here, I can't skip the bachelors & go straight for MBA OR I can't have an exemption in the duration too.. If I plan to do bachelors first in order to do MBA, I will spend around 7 years to complete it. My question is, are there any universities which would allow me to do the MBA without having Bachelors? Or are they any shorter programs which would help me to apply for the MBA? Please guide me, I am not being able to find any solution & I extremely want to study & do the masters. Many thanks, God bless.

Kayleigh posted this 24 October 2013 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi there,

We actually do get questions like yours often!

Since you are located in Sudan, are you interested in earning your bachelors from a US college or university?

Assuming the answer is yes, you may benefit greatly from a program that allows for competency based credits, i.e. you can earn course credit by demonstrating proficiency in that subject area by taking an exam. With these programs, you must still put in a certain number of course credit hours to earn a degree but testing out of required lower level courses can save you quite a bit of time and allow you to get your bachelor's much faster!

Find out more: Real Life Experience Degree Credit

There are four great online schools in the US that offer these programs and all have been given a 'Best Buy for Affordability' award from

Thomas Edison State University

Excelsior College

Charter Oak State College

Western Governors University

Click through each link to check out the degrees offered by each school. Additionally, all four schools accept international students but you'll need to check with each school for admission & application requirements!

All of the schools in GetEducated's extensive degree database are fully accredited but watch out for any 'get your degree instantly' offers out there! These diploma mill scams will sell you nothing but a useless piece of paper.

Learn how to identify a diploma mill to keep yourself protected from these scams!

Best of luck!