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Hello ,

Got to know about this very informative web site

Im looking for some advise on my career aspirations, to give an introduction Im a Industrial Engineer in High volume manufacturing and Im looking for Masters or MBA in Supply Chain Management to advance my avenues in areas of SCM

Can you please advise me on schools that can provide me with this ?

My Criteria is 1.No GMAT or GRE required 2.Online distance education 3.Cheap and affordable <20K USD Can get my company to sponsor

Thanks a bunch for your advise Sushanth Allapalli

VickyPhillips posted this 13 June 2011 - Last edited 26 October 2015


Great question ...

Below are some options you'll want to consider.

The first one below, American Public University Online and its master of arts logistics and transportation management meets all your criteria:

2---100% distance online
3---Well under $20K (USA $)

You will have to look at the profiles to see more on each degree and compare online degree programs and schools:


1. American Public University (WV)--NO GRE/GMAT
School of Management-Graduate
Master of Arts in Transportation & Logistics Management $10,800


Other Choices to Compare ----

Florida Institute of Technology (FL)--GRE/GMAT Required
Graduate College of Business
Master of Science Logistics Management $16,830

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (WI)--GRE Required
College of Business and Economics - Graduate
Master of Science in Integrative Supply Chain Management $19,800

Central Michigan University (MI)--GMAT required BUT score is fairly low at 450
School of Business - Graduate
Master of Business Administration / Logistics Management $22,270

Indiana University (IN)--GRE/GMAT Required
Kelley School of Business - Graduate
Master of Science Global Supply Chain Management $31,050

Columbia University (NY)--GRE/GMAT Required
School of Engineering & Applied Science-Graduate
Master of Science in Civil Engineering & Construction Management $44,910

Northeastern University (MA)--NO GRE required but very expensive
College of Business Administration - Graduate
Master of Business Administration / Operations and Supply Chain Management $60,500

I encourage you to go to our homepage and run any number of online degree searches to find more degrees that may meet your needs. Logistics and supply chain degrees vary in their course make up so you may need to explore several distance masters degrees to find the best fit for your career.

If you want to avoid the GRE/GMAT and want a distance MBA see also our list of MBA Degree Programs with NO GRE NO GMAT requirement.

You can also use the GetEducated online degree database tool to select and compare side by side several different online masters or distance MBA degree programs. You may find this tool very-very helpful.

Be Well!

Vicky Phillips
Founder - Get Educated

sushanth401 posted this 14 June 2011 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Great if i were to close in on Bellevue University what are your thoughts?

How does this university stand interms of public reputation and also perception in corporate world

My view is that Corporates dont mention they want Only MBA's from AACSB .. So justs by having MBA(SCM) from Regionally Accrediated Univ added with experience will still give me an edge ?

Thanks Sushanth Allapalli

VickyPhillips posted this 14 June 2011 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Sushnath401,

Well, we don't have much feedback or online student reviews yet for the Bellevue Online MBA so it is hard to gauge how well that program is doing.

I can tell you that it is a private, non-profit residential college first regionally accredited in Nebraska in 1977.

So, it has been around for quite some time and I do not know of any scandals that this school has been involved in related to marketing or financial aid. These are all good things. It seems solid to me, BUT the real people who could tell you are the current students and the faculty.

Let me know if you hear of anything negative on this school.

It does meet all your criteria also:

100% online affordable no entrance exams regionally accredited

The last question would be if their courses match your career needs. Do you like their curriculum?

Whatever opinion you form please go to the degree profiles and post your final online MBA reviews and grades. This will help others know what your opinion was ultimately of all these online degrees and which ones you kept on your list or marked off your list and why.

The more feedback get in terms of comments and reviews the easier it will be for them to decide and your reviews will leave valuable clues for them to consider as they compare online mba degree programs

Vicky Phillips
Founder - Get Educated

dhandlos posted this 07 July 2011 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Hey Sushnath401,

This reply is a bit late, but after reading your post, I contacted a co-worker who's currently going through the Bellevue MBA program right now. 3 classes to go, and he's done. He has enjoyed it, but didn't find it quite as challenging as he'd thought. His 2 cents: It's a good program for giving you a broad understanding of business administration, but doesn't always go too in-depth.

I'll try to convince him to add a review.

My 2 cents...I've taken some classes at Bellevue University. It was for the MSMIS program, not the MBA, but I was pretty impressed with the coursework overall. The teachers were easy to reach via email, and they presented the material in a pretty concise manner.

Bellevue University was build primarily to educate adult learners, and they seem to excel at it. They've received accolades for distance learning/teaching, including the Corporate University Best in Class (CUBIC) award (

The only negative point I could say right now about Bellevue, is that since it's focus has been on adult learners, sometimes the success of the "traditional" students hasn't had the attention it should. As of last year, the graduation rate for full-time freshmen was stated to be 20 percent. This lags behind other local universities like Creighton (approx. 75%) or University of Nebraska-Omaha (50%). Full article here:

For distance/adult learners though, Bellevue University was literally made for them, and if you want an MBA program that covers the broad strokes of business administration, they'll probably deliver that for you.

UWPlattville posted this 12 July 2011 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Hello Sushanth,

Sorry this answer is so late, but I just saw your question. Hope you haven't made a decision yet. Let me tell you about the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Distance Learning Center new online degree program in Integrated Supply Chain Management.

The Online Masters in Integrated Supply Chain Management is a unique, cross-functional study of all facets of the integrated supply chain. The online degree examines in detail the interplay and coordination of business, industrial studies, engineering, and information technology with the ultimate goal of producing graduates with supply chain leadership capabilities beyond those fashioned by a typical MBA program. In addition to the broad scope of ISCM, graduates will also explore one or more focus areas in greater detail to develop specialized expertise (i.e. Analytics, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Logistics, or Customer Relations).

The program does not require a GRE or GMAT. It is 100% online you never have to come to the campus. The tuition is very affordable at only $610 per credit making the total cost around $18,300.

For more information on this degree visit the University of Wisconsin Platteville Distance Learning

Paige Thomas