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eltoukhis2 posted this 04 March 2013 - Last edited 14 March 2016

Hi , I have quite a specific question and would really appreciate any help: Would you kindly provide me with MBA programs that : 1-are 100% online degrees 2-require no GRE or GMAT 3-Are accelerated ( not more than 18 months -preferably one year) 4-AACSB accredited 5-NO English proficiency proof for international students,or at least can be waived. 6-Affordable (< $30 k ) I found on your site some programs with some of these characteristics ,but not with ALL of them.I know it is hard to find ALL these 6 points ,but I am sure there are some MBA programs gurus out there. THANKS A LOT IN ADVANCE!

VickyPhillips posted this 06 March 2013 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi E,

You can use the Get Educated online degree system to find the online MBA you need. Below are my step by step tips.

You'll have to do more than one search but here goes ..

No English proficiency proof for international students,or at least can be waived..

I know of no AACSB accredited online MBA that will NOT require proof of English proficiency if English is not your native language. If your native language is NOT English and/or your undergraduate degree was not taken in English you will be required to take some standardized test that shows English proficiency levels. All instruction for an online master's from a US School will be in written English AND at the grad level. This calls for fairly high levels of written English competency. Schools will require proof of this in some way. The most standard requirement is one of many tests of written English as a foreign language. (If anyone out there knows of an exception to this rule let E know.)

The rest is mostly good news ...

Online MBA AACSB requirement no GRE or GMAT

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53 of the above MBA degrees carry a cost under $30,000 BUT some only have low tuition for state residents; some have higher tuition if you are an "international student." The list above details cost. You can click on each MBA school on that list for more details on each degree.

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Others are invited to comment of course and may be able to help you further!

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