DePaul vs. Antioch Online: Reviews & Tuition

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sherice posted this 28 July 2014 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hello, I'd like to return to school to receive my BA degree online. I already have an associate degree from a B&M school where I majored in General Education. I'm interested in changing careers to a corporate trainer and grant writer.

Because I want to attend a traditional university with bachelor degrees that can be offered completely online I've applied/was accepted to the following colleges:

1) DePaul University majoring in Bachelor of Arts with an Individualized Focus
2) Antioch University majoring in Human Services Administration

They both have their pros and cons:

Antioch University
Pros: Looks like a great program, inexpensive
Con: Not well known, doesn't have scholarships except for FASA and loans. They came under some fire a couple of years ago from what I read somewhere and is rebuilding their rep.

DePaul University
Pros: Well-known school, will set you up with an advisor in your chosen field of study, gives all online learners an annual scholarship for $3000 on top of that you can do FASA and loans.
Cons: EXPENSIVE, the only program you can take completely online is the School of New Learning for adults so you won't get a degree in like Accounting I don't think you get something that’s like a professional degree but I'm double checking on that.

Does anyone have any experience with either school? What do you think?

Kayleigh posted this 01 August 2014 - Last edited 25 October 2015

Hi there,

Thanks for your question!

It's very tricky to decide which school is perfect for you but we can definitely help.

Since both of these school's hold Regional Accreditation we'll skip this factor and move on to the next.

First, consider cost. DePaul's BA will run you $58,300 for the entire degree including fees. Antioch could be as much as $40K cheaper!

There are outside sources of scholarship if you decide to go with DePaul and GetEducated offers a free $1,000 scholarship twice yearly for online students.

The second factor to consider is student reviews. DePaul University's Bachelor of Arts with an Individualized Focus receives both really great reviews and not so great reviews from verified students and alumni. (Click through to read them!)

You can also read reputation reviews from the public and employers to get a feel for the program better.

Unfortunately, we do not have the exact Antioch University degree you are considering in our database but you can read other reviews about other majors by clicking thorough to each program here. While not specific to your exact program you will be able to get a feel for the structure, teaching style, and other school characteristics from real students.

Many prospective students find these reviews to provide an invaluable "peek" inside life as a student at these schools and it may make your decision much easier.

Finally, consider where previous graduates are now working. A quick search on LinkedIn can connect you with grads of both schools and you can message them with any specific questions you may have about student life and the reputation of each.


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All the best,


Grapefarming posted this 11 October 2014 - Last edited 06 August 2015

I have different issues. I am 55 years old. I am a Team Leader for a government agency and I’ve hit the glass ceiling created by not having a B.A. I pay 130 million in claims each year, with my team of course.

The dark bullets indicate items I think might be worth something. First off I'm Canadian in Canada.

Work experience · I was a police officer. 11 years on the force. 77- 88 (I joined at 18!) · I managed a hotel. Staff of 12 · Managed a multi million dollar farm. Staff varied from 5 – 15 · I’ve been an insurance adjuster 5 years · Now I’m a team Leader in Public Insurance with a staff of 8 – 10 in Guelph Ontario. · Along the way I have been a Director on three agricultural boards. · I am still a Director on one where I run tribunals in a court room setting, acting as one of three judges on the panel. · I help write the legal decisions for the board. To get this position I was appointed by the Premier (equivalent of Governor).

Educationally · Grade 13 Ontario. Grade 13 level doesn’t even exist any more. · I have the Ontario Police College. Constables Course. · A few years back I took and completed a college level course called “Principles and Practices of Insurance” but that was through the insurance institute of Ontario. o I attended the Center of Forensic Sciences for three weeks in the 80’s becoming the youngest Breathalyzer Technician in Ontario. That was a long time ago! o I studied Electronics in Winnipeg for six months becoming the adult student of the year. That was in the early 90’s. · I am now completing my CIM (Certified in Management) comprised of some college courses and some courses I could only take through this Institute. Total 10 courses. Business law (Canadian of course), several Accounting courses, Economics, Communication etc. o I took two University courses separated by 25 years or so. One Business and one …Wine Appreciation. · I am about to attend a week long course that will give me a “Certificate in Adjudication for Tribunals Administrative Agencies” from Osgoode Hall, York University. (Dec 2014) This is the most prestigious law school in Canada but I’ll only be there for a week.

Given my long and storied life I am affectionately described as a ‘has-been’, as opposed to a ‘wanna-be’ as I’ve been just about everything, at one time or another. At least, I hope they mean it affectionately. I’m even trying to learn some French on my own while I commute.

So here is my problem. I had a job interview the other day. It was for “Adjudicator”. I’ve been one, I am one and I manage a team of those. The interview lasted 3 minutes. The recruiter discovered that she had failed to notice I had no B.A. before setting up the interview.

How do I get a B.A. with all my experience and oddball education? I suspect at my age it would not matter if it was aligned with my career. A Bachelor’s in dance instruction would be better than nothing (Yes, I took a few classes of that too). Just kidding though. I need a business degree or general degree as long as it was a magical “B.A.” or "B.Sc." and preferable quickly and in expensively.

My questions to you are these….

1 ­- Which affordable school would give the most credit for my strange and storied work and educational history? 2 – Do I need some U.S, test results for admission? I’ve never even seen one of those as I am Canadian. 3 – How many courses am I likely to take? At $500 per this adds up and I have a teenager to put through University so she doesn’t end up in the same boat.

I hope that I have, at very least, entertained you. Have a great weekend and I look forward to hearing from you.