Hi, I am a 32 years old male Indian national. I guess I am what you could call a non-traditional student. I dropped out of school after 10th grade (in India, 10th grade is called SSC - Secondary School Certificate) and since then I have had a successful career in the IT/Information Security space for more than 10 years now. I also have a professional certificate - CISSP and have also attended an executive management program from a reputed college in India which was sponsored by a previous employer of mine though I doubt if these are of any formal academic significance. I seek your valued guidance on what are my options for completing an online bachelor degree, preferably in a related field - IT/Information Security. I do realize that I may have to do additional courses simply to be eligible for a bachelor degree. I have stayed clear of the 'life experience based degrees scams' and want to invest time and effort in a solid degree and hopefully complete a MBA thereafter. Thanks and please do ask if you need more information.