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lhtaylor posted this 10 January 2013 - Last edited 26 February 2016

I have 142 college credits from at least 7 colleges across the globe but don't have a Bachelor's Degree. I retired from the Army as a Paralegal and currently work as a civilian Paralegal. I have over 25 years experience in the Paralegal field. Is there an accredited institution where I can get a Bachelor's Degree with the credits I already have? Most colleges I have researched will consolidate your credits but require you to take 10 classes with them before they will issue you a degree! The only place I found that seemed to issue a consolidated credit degree is Concordia College & University but I understand they are NOT accredited. Does anyone know how or where I can get an accredited degree by consolidating the credits I already have? I don't care what the degree is in - Criminal Law, Legal Studies, General Studies, anything is fine. I just really want to get credit for all I've done and no one (employers) seems to care if you have taken more than enough courses for a degree - they just want to see that degree. Even if it's in Underwater Basket Weaving... Thank you! Lavonne

vicky posted this 11 January 2013 - Last edited 25 October 2015

Hi Lavonne,

Over the years I've met a lot of students like you.

There are only a couple of real, accredited online schools that can help you -- indeed, there are a couple of online colleges that were DESIGNED just for you.

SEE >>

Real Accredited Life Experience Colleges / Degrees 

5 Ways to Earn Life Work Experience Credit

First off, forget about Concordia University or College if you mean the Concordia that is in Delaware or the US Virgin Islands.

View Concordia College accreditation report.

They are one of hundreds of colleges that advertise as "life experience colleges" -- and they are NOT accredited by any recognized agency so you'd be buying an empty degree or piece of paper.

You are VERY well educated and have the equivalent of a college degree in work experience, classes and career certifications.

I think maybe you would be best off at Thomas Edison State College of New Jersey, a public university that was designed in the 1970s for people like you.

TESC will allow up to 120 semester credits -- that's what accreditation agencies require for a BS/BA degree in the USA -- in transfer from regionally accredited colleges AND grant maximum acceptance for career credentials and certifications -- such as army ACE training and paralegal work.

TESC allows for an online BS or online BA in LADS -- learner directed applied studies -- so it looks like for you earning a BS in Paralegal or Legal Studies might be best for you BUT that would depend on the types of credits and certifications you hold in that area already.

Go get educated .... check out all the schools in the articles above as they will allow you maximum credit transfer and career documentation options.

Or -- you can go to almost any college BUT as you say most all colleges require that you take 30 credits minimum -- 10 courses in new courses -- from them to earn their degree. TESC is one of the few schools that does not require this.

All the Best

Vicky Phillips
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It appears that this is the number one viewed thread in the forum. "Bachelor's Degree with Consolidated Credits" So I'm guessing a lot of people are in my same boat.

You mention Thomas Edison is one of a few...

Is there a list/rating anywhere of online colleges that accept the most transfer credits?