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Student2173 posted this 24 September 2014 - Last edited 06 August 2015


I have recently discovered that there is a coursework based MBA degree that is awarded by Anglia Ruskin University and it is based in Singapore -- FTMS Global. I have looked into this in detail but I found it hard to believe, until a friend told me that Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaysia offers a 100% coursework MBA degree.

I would be grateful if you could provide me with further details on MBA degrees that are 100% coursework based, and provide a list of such universities (both online and on-campus) that offers such MBA degrees.



Kayleigh posted this 29 September 2014 - Last edited 22 October 2015

Hi there,

What do you mean by 100% coursework based degrees?

Are you looking for programs that do not require internships or perhaps programs that accept some life experience credit?

Here is a list of Anglia Ruskin University sponsored degree programs available at FTMS Singapore.

Here is more detailed information about the MBA degree program.

While we can only comment on whether accreditation is valid or not in the United States, I don't the usual red flags of a diploma mill scam here.

See: 10 Signs of a Diploma Mill

Try contacting graduates of both programs you mentioned (LinkedIn is an easy way) and ask them about their experiences. This will provide you a more complete picture of each MBA program you are considering.

If you would like to consider online schools in the United States, GetEducated profiles over 500 accredited online MBA programs.

Click the link above and then click 100 Percent Online from the left hand menu. You'll get a list of 345 MBA programs that can be completed online.

Open up each profile to see if the school accepts international students and the requirements for admission.

Thanks for your question & best of luck!