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Gladys posted this 27 January 2013 - Last edited 26 February 2016

Hi everyone, I have been searching and googling since November, last year 2012 trying to get a grant, scholarship or financial support, but it seems like my situation doesn't really match any scholarships offered or maybe, I was not on the right site or link. I'm really wanting to further my education to Masters Degree in Education (with a leadership and Management Specialism). I found this online, Masters Degree in Education offered by the Open University in the Uk.

It is costly and financially, I will not be able to pay the cost. So here I am looking and searching for grant and scholarship online.

I'm from the Philippines and currently I'm working here in the North of Thailand (Isan Province) as a teacher. I have been teaching in a private school since 2011. Before that, I taught English as well as managed some private local schools back in Vientiane, Laos. I lived and worked there for 9 years before moving here in Northern Thailand. Vientiane city was a very nice, quiet place to live and work back then in 2002. I really enjoy teaching English especially in developing countries. I have so much dream of helping these countries in upgrading their English Programs, helping children to get a better future, providing trainings and maybe in management and the only way to do so is to upgrade my education.

This is why I need some support. I'm only earning 20,000 Bhat/ month (equivalent to 600 $) and a little bit of extra money from my special class after school. I saved a bit here and there for this course but unfortunately the amount of roughly 2,000 ++ British pound a year (according to the UK Open University adviser, whom I've spoken with early this year) for a 3 years Masters Degree Course online is too much for me to carry. My parents will not be able to support me as they are not rich enough and I won't be able to borrow money from banks or other Institutions.

So please, for those who knows or have had supports from organizations/institutions, your advise, links and or sites will be of much help. I will be joining in some forums around as well to gather more information and get some chances.

Hopefully, Gladys

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Please try with Walden University.


VickyPhillips posted this 09 February 2013 - Last edited 22 October 2015

Hi Gladys, has a scholarship program for online students.

BUT to qualify you'd need to be a U.S. citizen attending a college online in the U.S.

The best place to begin your search for an online degree grant to use in the UK is at the financial aid office of the school where you know you want to earn your degree - The Open U UK.

If you have not yet had an advisement appointment with them try the links below:

The National Scholarship Programme (PDF) 

I located a special page (below) is about getting scholarships for post graduate degrees / study. Since you want a master's degree this page might be helpful:

Funding Post Graduate Degrees

In your case, I'd look also for scholarships for teachers and those working in developing countries/areas. Also, scholarships for women.

I will keep you posted if I find other leads for you to consider. Please, if anyone knows of some great scholarships for online study let us know and we will make a master list and keep it on file for others to consult and build on.

Good Luck!
Vicky Phillips

Gladys posted this 13 February 2013 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Thanks, I will have a look at it and see what support this university can provide.... cheers, gladys

Gladys posted this 13 February 2013 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Thanks Vicky Phillips for the websites... Yes, I have seen a lot of scholarship, grant and or support from the U.S but yes, you need to be a U.S citizen or living in the US or Asian-american living in the U.S. They were all very good websites but not for me. I will try to find it again and share it here so others can refer to it.

Thanks again!