I am a 25 year old Lpn I attended a university when first graduating from highschool at the age of 18 and stayed on campus. I wasnt responsible at all I really just wanted the freedom of being away from home I didn't complete any courses so my transcripts have no grades on them. At 23 years old I went to a vocational acclelerated program to get my Practical Nursing, I am now ready to go back to college and bridge to get my RN problem is I need my transcripts and I owe the university $3,700. I have a family and I am a very responsible and focused person since I have matured and would have no problem completing college. Other universities want my transcripts to start school but they have no grades and I have tried set up a payment plan to get them but they want full payment to get them It is frustrating to have to pay that amount when I barely went two months and the transcripts have no grades what can I do?