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pricey42 posted this 30 November 2011 - Last edited 24 February 2016

Having recently researched various Universities within the US with a view towards earning an online Business Management Degree, I have found that the courses and curriculum offered by The State University of NY (SUNY) suit my needs perfectly. The information that I seek is what do I do next to apply? I do not hold any US educational qualifications and would have to write to my local educational authority within the UK to see if I could obtain my certifications (earned in 1985) and have no real clue as to how long this would take to achieve.

I had heard, however that my working experience could be used to compensate my lack of US qualifications and enter me onto any degree course I wished. I will await confirmation from you if that is the case in due course.

For your information, my background is this. I have recently retired from the UK Royal Navy where I served as a Petty Officer Writer (US counterpart of a MSgt) for 15 years including a successful assignment to the British Embassy here in Washington DC. After marrying my American wife last year and obtaining my ‘Green Card’ (Permanent Residency), I am now currently employed (again) with the British Embassy in DC this time working as a civilian for the Royal Air Force. I become a US citizen in 2013. Given the economic climate globally and the continuing difficult job market in this country, I have decided that now is the ideal time to enhance my future working potential and earn a degree which I am sure is now a vital tool in anyone’s armoury.

To this end, please allow me to thank you for your assistance as I really do look forward to hearing a favourable reply back from you soonest.

David Price

BDSUS RAF ASEC British Embassy

VickyPhillips posted this 01 December 2011 - Last edited 21 October 2015

Hi David,

Great questions!

You do not say which SUNY campus or degree program you are considering. SUNY operates Empire State College online a division that specializes in online degrees and also in working with adult and non-traditional students. (SUNY has many campuses but Empire may be the best one for you.)

Click this external link to find out more about Empire and its online degree policies for students with foreign credentials.

All colleges in the USA will evaluate foreign academic records for equivalency toward meeting degree requirements in the USA. Colleges in the USA usually use independent academic credit evaluation services such as the World Education Services (WES).

Evaluation reports must be submitted directly from WES to the college. Copies of WES evaluations sent by the student will not be accepted. WES will require you to have your official records sent from your past UK educational agencies to them directly.

In addition to evaluating and accepting courses/credits from foreign colleges and ed academies most all online degree programs in the USA also maintain a system that will allow you to have your military records evaluated for transfer credit toward a degree. In the USA there is a whole system of manuals that college registrars use to evaluate military credit courses and service levels for credit toward a college degree.

SEE 5 Ways to Earn College Credit for Life Experience for more on this process specific to US military and corporate professional training.

BUT since your education comes from the UK military you would need to ask an advisor at SUNY Empire how they process foreign military records. They may require that you have these records assessed through an independent agency like WES or they may have an advisor in house work with you to design a learning portfolio of types for review toward degree credit.

You will in the end certainly be able to get some course credits for your military training. To get more details, contact SUNY Empire directly. I was able to find on their website a student guide to credit for prior and military learning in PDF format.

SUNY Empire distance learning can be reached and searched at SUNY Empire distance learning Call: 800-847-3000

They are great folks who specialize in adult distance degrees at a low cost and you will find them full of answers on how to get your past training and courses evaluated and placed on a degree transcript.

Good Luck!

Vicky Phillips

Founder - Get Educated