Financial Aid for Second Degree

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Darren18 posted this 27 November 2013 - Last edited 24 February 2016

Hi, I received my MBA in business at Ithaca College and am trying to go back to school for film.

I didn't apply for any financial aid for my first degree. I just wanted to find out if I will be able to receive financial aid when I go back next year.

I have a few questions…

1. Does the fact that I didn't receive financial aid from Ithaca College a help for my 2nd degree's financial aid?

2. Will I be able to receive similar financial aid as students receiving their first degree?

Please let me know what I can do. I finally know what I want to do and will do anything to go back to school in film.

Kayleigh posted this 09 December 2013 - Last edited 21 October 2015

Hi there!

First off, make sure to apply for federal financial aid—Many students make the mistake of thinking they will not qualify so they do not apply. Applying is free and most students DO qualify for some type of aid whether you are going back to school as an adult or attending right out of high school!

Learn more about the FAFSA and applying for financial aid.

To answer your question specifically—no, the fact that you did not get financial aid for your first degree does not directly impact whether or not you will receive aid for your film degree!

Financial aid is calculated based on your cost of attendance (COA) and your expected family contribution (EFC) on a year-to-year basis which means you need to apply for financial aid each year you are enrolled in school to be considered for an aid award that year. Any financial aid you did or did not receive in the past does not impact any current or future chance of receiving federal financial aid.

Learn more about how financial aid is calculated.

Here are a few more myths about financial aid that apply especially to adult students:

MYTH: Adult students are too old to get financial aid.
FACT: There is no age limit. Almost everyone is eligible for some type of federal financial aid.

MYTH: You need to pass a credit check to receive federal financial aid.
FACT: No credit check is required for student aid and also for most federal loans.

MYTH: It costs money to apply for federal aid.
FACT: Applying for federal student aid is FREE so get applying—You've got nothing to lose!

Adult Student Financial Aid FAQ

If you apply and don't receive the federal aid you hoped for, don't give up! There are tons of scholarship programs to help adults go back to school.

Make sure to apply for the GetEducated $1,000 online education scholarship with deadlines in March and October.

Finally, make sure you can trust your college's financial aid officer and do your research before committing to any loan or aid program!



Best of luck!