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Accreditation confuses many people. Yet, in my research of this facility I have learned that the state agency responsible for authorizing or exempting institutions such as Southern Bible Institute and Seminary, GNPEC, has SBIS (and sbis evans) as being neither authorized nor approved for religious exemption under Georgia law. Thereby, it was never granted state approval to issue any degrees whatsoever.

Even if it were religious exempt, there is strict limits to the degrees it could issue and yet it has been "issuing degrees" for years. Some degrees were issued prior to there even being a 'school' remarkably. It has "issued" Ph.Ds, Arts degrees, counseling degrees, psychology degrees, honorary degrees, secondary education degrees, music degrees, organizational leadership degrees to name some.

Yet, their response is that the school is accredited and that gives them the right to issue degrees. SBIS' president claims he closed SBIS on May 15, 2011. Yet other faculty members are stating that SBIS never actually closed, just moved to another location and is now sbisevans. The domain site shows the registrant of the sbis evans site is indeed the President of SBIS.

When questioned about its operational status with the state agency as being in non compliance, the faculty members reply that because it is accredited, it needs no state authorization and that SBIS has a letter of excellence on its wall by a former governor. Upon investigation, it appears that SBIS made a contribution to the governor and the letter was "in thanks".

There are many looking to me to help them understand what is going on and what to do about it. I have a 'degree' from SBIS, but deem it worthless. There are many extensions of SBIS in GA and out of GA, yet the 'degrees' are issued in GA so to me, NPEC has jurisdiction. The accreditation mills, as I refer to them are as follows: Southern Bible Christian Accrediting Association (known as SBCAA) which Logos European College's Hazel and Geoff Carr wrote that they were on the board of the Academic Standards Board. LEC is/was an extension of SBIS, so in essence, accrediting SBIS as SBIS was its awarding body. Association of Academics Accreditation (AAA) from a residence in Jacksonville Florida was in 'existence' 2006-2008. The student records of SBIS are currently handled by the AAA registered agent's son. Even with it being inactive, in 2011, SBIS claimed accreditation by it. National Accreditng Agency For Private Schools (NAAPS)(Thomson, GA) was actually in the very place SBIS was and ran by the same people. National Accrediting Association for Christian Schools (NAACS) Jacksonville, FL had for one of its incorporators one of the faculty of SBIS, The President's brother. It was created the same day Revelation Message Bible College was and one of its incorporator's was the same brother of SBIS' President.

Then, when all of the accrediting association's legitimacies were called into question, SBIS, claimed to be a recognized member of Association of Christian Schools International. Yet, ACSI does not accredit nor does it recognize postsecondary schools. It is a service provider that allows postsecondary schools to be member schools for a yearly subscription price. ACSI called and instructed Southern Bible Institute and Seminary to remove the word "recognized" from the website. Yet, to all of those who are seeking to know the truth, how do I, a "novice" explain something that I am coming to understand myself. In the meantime, scores of innocent applicants are intentionally being defrauded.

Is it possible to fact check the information I supplied and then you, as experienced, give a report on this school and the 'degrees' it has issued and continues to issue.

On sbisevans site, it has blanked out degrees but yet on its applicants, it asks what degree you are applying for.

Is it possible to give your evaluation of the facilities and the accreditors and explain what the basis for your decision is so that those bewildered by this facility will receive a professional, objective evaluation!

I hope that my post was presented in the correct manner so no forum rules were violated. Anxious for your evaluation and am already spreading the word about this site that I have did not know existed, but am excited that it does so that it may warn, inform and protect.

Thank you~

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Thank you for your inquiry about the Southern Bible Institute and Seminary of GA and its accreditation status.

The first challenge is to make sure we are all tallking about the same Southern Bible Institute, as there are several.

In this case we are talking about Southern Bible Institute and Seminary in GA:

Southern Bible Institute & Seminary 1116 Fury's Ferry Road Evans, Georgia 30809

To begin, this institute is NOT accredited by any agency recognized by the US Government to award colleges degrees.

AS such, credits and degrees earned here will not be met with wide acceptance across the USA.

The Association of Christian Schools International

SBIS currently claims "membership in the ACSI." However, ACSI itself does not accredit university or college level study or degrees and is NOT by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the United States Department of Education as a college accreditation agency.

AS you stated in your posting, ACSI does accredited primary school and secondary school programs and is recognized as an accreditor for K-12 private schools. Being a member, however, is not the same as "being accredited." In terms of offering college degrees ACSI membership or accreditation (which ever they claim) is not relevant.

SEE What it means to attend an "unaccredited" university or college bcs. SBIS is an UNACCREDITED college degree provider as near as we can tell.

SEE:What is College Accreditation?

At present the SBIS GA site lists courses that are offered but the site has taken down or marked through their associate degree listings. WE do not know what that means BUT we reiterate that this school is NOT accredited by any recognized agency to award college level degrees based on your review of their status this morning.

You mention some other "accrediting agencies" that may have had a historical relationship with SBIS: 1) Southern Bible Christian Accrediting Association (SBCAA)
2) Association of Academics Accreditation (AAA)
3) National Accrediting Agency For Private Schools (NAAPS)

NONE of these agencies are recognized by the US Dept of Education or CHEA to accredit degree granting colleges or universities.

There is a long discussion of this same school and its status / history at DegreeInfo that may help others understand the issues with this institution and its satellite campuses here:

There is a great deal of chatter and speculation about this school.

Religious schools often decide to operate based on religious mandate and doctrine rather than accreditation. Consumers who choose to attend unaccredited colleges should understand the limits on recognition of these types of degrees -- which are many if one wants to use a degree to obtain a job or certification or other common consumer activities.

I would approach this school wit caution because it lacks the necessary accreditation to award college degrees that would be recognized in the world at large.

All the best

Vicky Phillips
Founder Get Educated