How to Get a Teaching Job With No Experience

  • Last Post 11 July 2019
gdesilva posted this 12 May 2015 - Last edited 25 February 2016

I am a 20+ year corporate world veteran who is sick of the grind and I want to teach. I have no formal teaching experience, or schooling, but I have a very solid background in sales, marketing, management, and PR/Communications.

I have spent a lot of time online looking at job postings and reading "advice," but have never received any real advice or help. Can anyone advise if I have any chance at finding a teaching job, or point me in a direction of how to pursue an online teaching career?

Any and all advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

KellyMay posted this 23 September 2015

Unfortunately due to bureaucracy not everyone can become a teacher in the midlife. As far as I know you need to get an alternative certificate. It's a special program for people who want to change their career. You can find such alternative certification programs in colleges in most states. There's National Center for Alternative Certification in USA, where you can get more information about the whole certification process. None can guarantee that you’ll find a job immediately after getting such certificate. But there is a teacher shortage in every state, you can check out it on U.S. Department of Education’s nationwide listing. Your chances to get a job in districts with low-income students will be much higher.

richardwatson posted this 06 October 2015

Great post...

educater106 posted this 19 May 2019

Hi, I am searching for colleges in NJ and the PA area, however, I haven't found any to be accepting of a math disability student (Dyscalculia). Can anyone aid me in finding a good college that accepts people with dyscalculia in the NJ and PA area?

Darth_Morgan posted this 11 July 2019

Google for agencies which provide online teaching jobs in China. There are a lot of them, and they don`t usually require the educational background.