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skyarc posted this 08 August 2011 - Last edited 06 August 2015


I have a MBA degree in marketing from India. I been in living in US for the last 4 years raising my family and simply being a housewife. However I now want to start working again. The healthcare industry interests me and I am thinking of doing a certificate course in healthcare management to supplement my education.

Can you pls. advise some courses on the same both online as well as on-campus? I am considering the Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management from Devry University but I have read mixed reviews about the university.

At this age of my career I am not willing to experiment and looking for a stable career in healthcare industry but I believe that with an MBA degree on my back I need to do a few specialized courses to get into the industry. will appreciate your advice on my career prospects.

VickyPhillips posted this 08 August 2011 - Last edited 25 October 2015

Hello Sky,

I think this is a smart strategy. If you have a general MBA degree than it makes sense to specialize for career change or entry by earning a grad level certificate.

SEE: What Is an Online Graduate Certificate for More on why/how to use a Graduate level online certificate. This article echoes your strategy.

Healthcare is, of course, one of the few bright spots in hiring and in management pay. Managers and business developers in healthcare earn much more than those who specialize in sectors like travel or hospitality or manufacturing or retail. While nothing is recession proof healthcare is a great career specialty these days.

Get Educated only profiles online education so I can make suggestions for online courses and certificates but you can transfer some of what I say to the residential college environment.

In the online education sector Get Educated profiles over 400 online graduate certificates which you can sort and see by using the FILTERS on the left of any search to narrow by SUBJECT area.

There are over 100 online certificates in healthcare and medicine. Looking at these sorted lists may help you see possible career or major areas. There are a lot of career specialties within healthcare so picking one will be a challenge.

You could pick a general management or leadership option, which would be the broadest for a job search. See, for example, something like the University of Maryland Healthcare Administration Online Certificate.

OR you could go specific if you like a certain special career area. For example, Kansas State University has an online certificate in horticulture therapy that looks at how herbs are used in medicine and treatment.

Alternative therapies are growing in the USA so that is one specific emphasis. A more traditional area -- and one high in growth -- would be gerontology or aging populations.

SEE: Kansas State University Online Certificate Gerontology.

You mentioned Devry University Online. They are solid and regionally accredited BUT very pricey. As a private for profit school they objectively are among the most expensive online schools -- usually in the top 20%, earning D's in cost based on the Get Educated objective surveys of cost.

You might want to compare costs among online education providers and see how others stack up to Devry once you narrow your specialty career area.

Do you have any special career interests? You could either search for what interests you or look at the government data on job demand and growth to judge the best growth areas.

Health informatics or medical records (check on graduate computer science / medical records) is also a great growing career area to specialize in these days.

Another idea is to search all graduate level Business and Management Online Certificates on our system. This search will bring up all types of business certificates including heathcare related options.

Good Luck!
Vicky Phillips

knowpronto posted this 07 October 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Thanks Vicky for sharing this knowledge

Ken posted this 16 October 2012 - Last edited 06 August 2015

Thank you Skyarc for asking the same question I am researching on as I also have a similar situation like yours. I also have a "general" MBA, and so I want to just get some more specialized training in health care administration/management to break into the field.

Also thank you Vicky for a very informative answer.

Sincerely, Ken