Central Creek University is it FAKE?

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pammoepi posted this 28 February 2017

I saw the ad online, and then applied online in January 2017, they called me 3 times requesting that I pay the admission fee they are saying they are offering me 95% scholarship for Masters Programme. I have already sent them My personal document(Resume, copy of Degrees and certificates) they said I must pay $280 for admission.
On their website they are saying they are accredited with 

United States Higher Education Commission, Global Accreditation Council for Distance Education (GACDE),
European Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (EACDL),Gulf Accreditation Commission (GAC),
Universal Accreditation Consortium of Engineering & Technology (UACET)

I nearly fell in this trap until i started to search for them on Google.

They have been contacting me with this number +1 866 744 1472

runmarung posted this 31 May 2017

I also saw an Ad online of Central Creek University and they keep calling me. They have been always contacting me with this number +1 866 744 1472.

Is this a real university or campus?

Jaydeck posted this 21 June 2017

I am purposely registered this account to share with you guys about this university because it is so new that you probably couldn't find any trusted reviews and you are end up here.

Just like me. This guy offered me a Bachelor Degree based on my "working experience" and I don't need to undergo any study courses and straight get a Bachelor Degree certificate. Too good to be true? And YES, it is called from +18667441472 with heavy English accent. But...don't you think it sounds a little bit fishy?

So, the next question is, could it be a degree mill? In another word, is this university get accredited?
Definition of "Degree Mill" here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diploma_mill

And... Read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unaccredited_institutions_of_higher_education#C
You may noticed this post is in year 2017. It is so new that this university is not even listed in unaccredited list. But could it be credited since it is not in the list right?

So next, logically it should has at least a base, or so-called UNIVERSITY right?
Click this: http://www.info.com/search?qcat=web&r_cop=search&cmp=2894&cb=12&qkw=central+creek+university
The above link you can find that Central Creek University claimed that they are in "Dillon, CO", CO is Colorado.

But in Google Map, "We could not find central creek university colorado".
Google map link: https://www.google.com.my/maps/search/central+creek++university+colorado/@28.1383892,-82.5622117,12z/data=!3m1!4b1?hl=en&hl=en

Okay, maybe I searched the wrong keyword? You can go ahead with those credited universities and trust me, 99% you could easily locate them on the map.

I ain't bias, let's proceed on the bright side of this university.
Positive reviews: https://www.pissedconsumer.com/california-creek-university/RT-F.html
This link credit to Google search engine. Now you are more happy to have this answer right? If so don't proceed to read further and pay for this certificate. No doubt you are a wiser and this certificate just come in the right time!

Oh well, to further justify on this matter, here comes this article to teach you how to verify university accreditation.
Article here: https://blogs.voanews.com/student-union/2011/07/06/how-to-know-if-a-university-is-accredited-new-in-the-glossary-of-confusing-words/

1. As earlier said, you barely can find Central Creek University full address, except what I have provided earlier on, which is "Colorado", in United Stated (US). Logically at least it should listed in US respected ranking, but "We couldn't find schools that match your selections."
Link here: https://www.usnews.com/education/online-education/search?program=&school-name=central+creek

2. Perhaps because it is a University, not a College, and maybe the ranking is incomplete. Next, "They have a .edu web address".
Google address: https://www.google.com/search?site=&source=hp&q=central+creek+university&oq=central+creek+university&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39k1l2j0l2.1567.5254.0.5366.

Just typed in "central creek university" in Google search bar, and a lengthy list come out. Tell me which one is ".edu" included. It just NONE. I don't know, maybe Google search bar might not be the best search engine, but at least better than "Bing" search engine right? Oh perhaps it is odd case.

But, why ".edu" is so important that it eventually become a point? Let's Wikipedia talks.
Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.edu

Okay, so if Central Creek University not in the unaccredited list, then it should be in the accredited side.
Link here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_state_universities_in_the_United_States#Colorado
Unfortunately, Wikipedia said no...

Don't be too frustrated mate, think about this "Certificate" was not there in the first place. You can always go for another accredited university and start again, because if you attach this fake degree together with your resume, I am afraid that you will get into a legal case when this matter is disclosed.

This feeling is just terrible I know it well, because so am I... attempt to get a degree for higher achievement, and bright future too! But think again, since it is unaccredited, why don't I just buy a printer and print out. It is the same, and I don't see any difference except it is much economical.

P.S: Remember to block the contact number "+18667441472".


edward123 posted this 29 August 2017

Doha Gholam is a fake person do not talk to him as he does not have any entity.

iceman posted this 12 February 2018

One thing I can tell about SouthCreekUniversity is that.....

These guys are so fake.

I signed up for an account from their FB page that has a different name.. I can't find it anymore but it has something to do about online courses/degrees in UAE.

First, they call you to have you sign up to their program right away. They don't entertain questions about the legitimacy of their company or website. If you ask them if they're legit or if they have any proof of previous customers, reviews, social media pages, or anything else - they can show you none!... And apparently the guys who are calling are English fluent Indians (guys from India) - actually a compliment. 

They have a live chat support on their site....which can't be reached unless you have an ongoing call with one of their phone guys mentioned earlier...Apparently, you get a call first before the live chat support becomes available.. lol

If you get any positive reviews about this site, there are chances that they're cahoots with the site. Also before moving forward to giving out any of your information, make sure to ask about their legitimacy, why they don't have a physical address, a phone number, certificates or proof of accreditation, and so on. If you ask these questions you'll notice the quick rise in temper and speed of voice.. not to mention the stammering..


I'd like to add more but its all up to you now.. Don't jump right into giving out your details or signing up to anything with this site or company. Just be careful and always ask around before making a final decision.




BalhamBrighton posted this 12 June 2018

Have any of you been victims of these fake universities? I'm a journalist and I'm looking into these degree mills. I would really like to speak with someone who has either sent money or has been hassled by their strong sales tactics. 

stcxiong posted this 14 November 2018

Central Creek University's website looks so legit.. I almost fell for it LOL