WGU vs TUI Online Master's in IT Management

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sonymystic posted this 02 March 2015 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Good Afternoon, I’m very interested in getting my Master of Science in Information Technology Management degree but torn between two online schools. My first option is Trident University International and my second option is Western Governors University. Both seem good with decent pricing on tuition and similar degrees I’m looking for. I keep looking back and forth between these two and can’t seem to tell for myself which one would be a leg up or better. I’m writing this topic today to see if others out there can see if they can shine some light onto which of these two schools would be a good choice and if anyone else has another school they recommend at the same time as well. Thanks,

Kayleigh posted this 16 March 2015 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi there,

We profile both of the programs you are considering here:
Western Governors University Master of Science in Information Technology / Network Management
Trident University International Master of Science in Information Technology Management

There are four main questions you can use to compare online degrees:


  • Is your program regionally accredited (considered the gold standard)?
  • Is the college based less than 300 miles from where you live?
  • Does the college have a brick and mortar location?
  • What do students have to say about the program?
  • What is the total cost of the degree including any fees?

SEE: Are online degrees respected?

First, both of the programs you are considering are regionally accredited which is great!

Second, where do you live? WGU is based in Utah and TUI is based in California.

Neither have a traditional campus location so #3 is a draw.

Fourth, WGU gets two great reputation reviews that you can read here and TUI has no reviews as of yet.

Finally, you can compare cost.

GetEducated publishes exclusive un-biased (ad money cannot earn a school a spot here) cost rankings of the best online masters in computer science.

TUI is ranked #19 and WGU is ranked #10 and is slightly cheaper at $12,140 total cost.

I hope this helps!