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Sunshine posted this 30 August 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

In the Diploma mill police i see a box that says search our 3000 accredited degrees. Are those 3000 schools 100% safe? Is the diploma fraud? Can you search a job with that diploma? Can you call yourself a real bachelor/master of science?

Kayleigh posted this 02 September 2014 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi there,

GetEducated maintains a database that now includes over 3,500 online degree programs. And, YES they are all verified for proper accreditation by our experts.

You do not have to worry about diploma mills here. Every single degree in our database is a 100% verified, real online college degree.

There are a number of factors that lend greater credibility to an online degree. Some, including potential employers, may think online degrees are easier or of a lesser quality than traditional programs but this is usually far from the truth.

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Then, begin your online degree search with our online degree database. Here is a shortcut to all online science degree programs in our database. You can sort using the left-hand menu by level, accreditation, etc.

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