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anirudh.patel posted this 06 June 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hi, My name is Anirudh Patel and I am from India. I want to pursue Masters of Computer Science. Illinois Institute of Technology have an international centre in India (city - Pune where I am currently working in an IT company). I want to know from you guys whether I should go ahead and join their Online Program for Masters Of Computer Science with Specialization. I also have another university in mind which is University Of Illinois Springfield which is also offering online program in Computer Science. Please suggest me what option will be better for me. Eagerly waiting for your feedback. Regards, Anirudh

Kayleigh posted this 17 June 2014 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hello Anirudh,

Thanks for your question!

There are a number of ways in which you can compare these two programs.

Accreditation is a great place to start but since these two programs are both regionally accredited (considered the gold standard of accreditation) you'll need to look further.

Most students consider cost to be another huge factor.

An online Master of Science in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology will run you $39,248.00 (total cost including all fees).

However, the same online program from University of Illinois at Springfield will cost only $12,738.60 and is ranked #14 Best Buy for an affordable online master's in Computer Science.

That's a whopping $26,509.40 difference in tuition!

You mention that the Illinois Institute of Technology has a presence in Pune where you currently work. Is the option to visit and participate in campus life very important to you?

If so, you may feel that the extra cost of this degree would be worth it. The fact that this school also has global presence may help you in your career pursuits if you decide you'd like to live and work in a different country.

Finally, you can check out what others are saying about the program. Messaging graduates of both programs on LinkedIn can be a great way to get a student's perspective and help you decide which will be better for you.

Best of luck!