ADA Accredited Online Dental Schools

  • Last Post 06 January 2014
weisjack posted this 04 January 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

I’m looking for an online master degree in Chandler. I’ve found several that fit my budget but none are accredited by the ADA. What is the ADA? Do I really need a distance Master degree that is accredited by them? Thanks ! Weais Jack

Kayleigh posted this 06 January 2014 - Last edited 15 March 2016

Hello Jack, Happy New Year!

A few questions first—

1) What type of Master's program are you looking to enroll in? You mentioned the ADA in reference to accreditation. Does this mean you are looking for a Master's in a Dentistry related field?

View online masters in dentistry.


2) You say you are looking for a program 'in Chandler'. Are you referring to Chandler, Georgia?