Cheapest Online MACC or Master's in Taxation

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admin posted this 08 June 2011 - Last edited 15 March 2016

What are some cheap Masters in Accounting/Taxation (MACC, MSA, Taxation) programs by regionally accredited colleges? I am looking for distance education/ online degrees.

VickyPhillips posted this 09 June 2011 - Last edited 15 March 2016


The Get Educated online degree directory profiles over 75 accredited online master degrees in accounting.

These 4 online masters accounting are the most affordable. Online Degree Cost Rankings - Cheapest Online Accounting Masters

Franklin University Online Masters Accounting - $15,450

SUNY Utica Accounting Online Masters - $18,909

Georgia Southern University Online Masters Accounting CPA - $20,770

All 4 of these top ranked cheapest online degrees come from regionally accredited brick and mortar colleges (which you asked about before in terms of choosing an online MBA).

You can also consult our official rankings of the best online master's in accounting for a list of the most affordable options.

These ranking tables are done every 2 years and compare the total estimated cost of each degree for you the same semester -- such as Spring 2010 -- to identify the comparative rankings of broad type of degrees. These ranking lists also give you the average cost or benchmark data for certain types of distance degrees so you can see what a typical online masters degree costs.

Good Luck!

Vicky Phillips