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I'm looking for any knowledge, insights or advice on online Speech Path Masters programs.

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Best Distance Learning Masters Speech Language Pathology?

Great question ....

We had to research this option for you to find the best online degree programs as our college directory doesn't currently list much for this very specialized professional career option.

I do not know where you live, or if you already work in or hold licensing in the speech language field, or if you have a bachelors degree in speech or a related area -- all these issues will affect how you approach earning a distance learning masters in speech pathology.

Here are some issues you'll want to consider and also some distance learning degree programs for you to explore when you leave our site:

Most distance learning masters in speech pathology will require that you already have a work background in speech or that you have a work (intern) environment where you can practice speech therapy. This degree requires that you master courses (theory) and that you also receive and pass supervised clinical practice hours in a hospital or other clinic setting. Look for professional programmatic accreditation from the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA)for an degree you earn in this area as that will be crucial if you want to be licensed to work in state and other health facilities nationwide.

California State University Northridge has a distance learning masters speech pathology that meets all accreditation standards. There is a weeklong campus orientation at Northridge, CA but then the courses and clinical supervisions can be done online and through interactive video. A bachelors degree is required but it need not be in speech -- though you must meet some speech and language pre-requisite courses at the bachelors level.

The University of Wyoming, on several Get Educated online college rankings for affordable distance degrees, offers a Distance Master of Science Program in Speech-Language Pathology

You can visit University of Wyoming Distance Learning for more details.

Here are extensive details:

The University of Wyoming Division of Communication Disorders has offered a distance master of science (MS) degree in speech-language pathology since January, 1988. This program is offered through a combination of distance learning technology and on-campus courses/practicum. The program was originally designed for Wyoming bachelor's level speech-language specialists employed in educational settings. However, this program has expanded to include students from throughout the United States with degrees in fields other than communication disorders.

Generally, all requirements for this program can be completed in 3 - 3 1/2 years including two summer semesters on campus. On completion of this program, students must also pass the National Examination in Speech-Language Pathology and complete their Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) in order to be eligible for the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC/SLP) and the Wyoming License in Speech-Language Pathology.

For more information about our distance master's program and leveling coursework, please contact the distance coordinator, Teresa Garcia at * Attendance on-campus in the first two summers is required for participation in the master's program. This CANNOT be completed in another location or a later summer. Students should consider financial, work, and personal obligations prior to applying to the distance program. Please note that for non-Outreach coursework and clinical practica, students pay on-campus graduate tuition. If the student is from out of state, a non-resident rate will apply.

More Distance Learning Speech Pathology Degrees

Texas Women's University distance learning masters speech

The TETN venue of the TWU master's program in speech-language pathology offers courses through interactive videoconferencing technology and provides clinical experiences through sponsoring school districts and medical facilities across the State of Texas. Participating Education Service Centers (ESCs) assist students by providing classroom sites and coordination of the program. Student must be sponsored by his/her local Texas school district.

Need Undergraduate online course prerequisites speech and language?

If you need an online bachelors in speech before enrolling at the masters level, look at the distance learning bachelors speech from the University of Wisconsin Superior

If you want to broaden your search to all online masters -- we profile 1,200+ of them -- or all healthcare online master degrees there are lots of these too, and you can view these degree profiles easily in the Get Educated online college directory.

Good Luck Out There!

Vicky Phillips
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I am a Speech Language Pathologist, currently working in a Hospital in Bahrain. I want to take online masters in Speech Language Pathology along with my Job. If somebody knows any Universities providing this program please give me the details.

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Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone can provide an update to the information given here since its now over a year old. I'm trying to find a comprehensive list of online MA SLP courses. I've tried searching the ASHA website but there appears to be no way to search for distance learning grad courses only. Ive tried google searching but I haven't found many and some appear to be for instate residents only. Ideally Im looking for a 2 year full time program but so far I only know of Montana which offers this.

Thank you!

Brit1 :)

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Hi Brit 1,

I have not been able to locate any additional online speech language masters degrees since the last post. This career area is highly regulated and specialized so you won't find much online in this area. And these programs do not typically advertise online so almost no college directories carry listings in this area since they are funded by advertising inserts made by the degree programs.

Below are the speech language online masters degrees currently in the GetEducated system:

Texas Women's University Online Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

University of Wyoming Online Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

California State University Online Master of Science in Communication Disorders & Sciences: Speech-Language Pathology

If anyone else can help please do post updates to specific accredited programs.

You can also broaden your search and view all online master's in psychology.

All the best